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thanks to everybody who pertained to the Hackaday prize Make Munich Meetup as well as Bring-a-Hack last night! We had a fantastic time, as well as there were a lot of awesome jobs on display, a few of which we even got photos of. Frankly, we were enjoying chatting as well much to be peering with a cam lens.

Around 30 people made it over to the Munich CCC, including some familiar faces from the last time we had a celebration in Munich. Although it was a mainly regional crowd, we likewise had visitors from Switzerland, Austria, as well as even the us of A: TV-B-Gone inventor, had prize judge, as well as mad hacker [Mitch Altmann] was in the house.

After we got a bit food as well as drink, we opened up the floor for the projects, lightning-talk style. The largest jobs were most likely a tie between an own-design CoreXY 3D printer as well as a boombox with some severe noise output. One guest’s automated bacterial culture apparatus most likely wouldn’t have in shape on the table, so it’s okay that it got left in the lab. The smallest hack? most likely [Alex]‘s super-mini USB LED clock gizmo, total with hand-soldered 0402 LEDs, as well as “even smaller stuff on the backside”.

diy CoreXY 3D Printer
Tiny, small LED Matrix
All-Transistor Shortwave Radio, as well as incredible Woodwork
A PDP-8 on an FPGA
electric Vanguard

Everyone seemed wowed by the woodwork on the all-transistor shortwave radio build, as well as most likely half of the celebration stepped (unwisely?) onto the electric skateboard that featured an ESC with variable torque, managed by Wii nunchuck. cheers erupted as the lights began blinking on the FPGA PGP-8e, which was coded up in Verilog from the original schematics. They don’t make owner’s manuals like they utilized to!

In short, it was a Hackaday crowd: warm, open, interested, as well as involved. as well as it was a great tip to us that we requirement to get out a lot more with our fellow hardware fanatics.

Thanks to the Munich CCC for hosting, as well as to the Hackaday prize sponsors for the food as well as drink. Enjoy Make Munich over the weekend, as well as we’ll do this once again next year!

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